10 Reasons to Say I Do at Tensing Pen

Jamaica is known for its ever-tropical climate, gorgeous white beaches and lush canopy. What better place to have a destination wedding? The island resonates a romantic atmosphere, welcoming couples looking for passion, luxury and adventure

The selections are endless when it comes to choosing where to get married, but Jamaica has certain qualities that makes it stand out from the rest. Here are a few reasons why you and your fiancé should say your vows in this tropical wonderland.

1.Natural Wonders

Tourists typically travel to Jamaica to dive into the crystal-clear water, swim with marine life in the reefs, and marvel at the vast sea from the limestone cliffs. However, the Caribbean Sea isn’t the only natural wonder to see, the island is home to many mountain peaks tall enough to see both coasts of the island from. The beautiful scenery will create a stunning natural backdrop for your Big Day.

2.Perfect Climate

Jamaica is known to only have one season: summer. Because it’s located in the tropics, Jamaicanever sees a real autumn or winter. Though it is a popular destination year-round, the best time to visit is typically January through March. During this time, expect to see sunny skies and temperatures ranging from 75°F to 85°F with a consistent ocean breeze to cool you down.

3.No Jet Lag

Flying to Jamaica from Florida takes just an hour and a half. If your guests are coming from the Northwest, they’ll have a little lengthier flight of about 7 hours. Compared to other destination wedding sites, Jamaica is very accessible. Guests will fly into Montego Bay and take a taxi ride or resort-arranged car to Negril to get to Tensing Pen Resort.

4.Island Culture

On an island that is known for Bob Marley and his calming reggae music, brides shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Because every little thing is going to be alright. Whether you want a traditional or relaxed wedding, Tensing Pen will work closely with you to make sure every detail is met. Walk down the aisle barefoot and get married with the tropical ocean breeze flowing through your hair.

5.Simple Marriage Process

To get married in Jamaica, you’ll need to fill out an application and provide documents such as proof of citizenship, proof of divorce if applicable and a certified copy of the death certificate for widow or widower. Though couples do not need to be residents of Jamaica, they must wait 24 hours to be married after arriving on the island.

If you are getting married at Tensing Pen, your minister fees and official paperwork are taken care of by the resort’s wedding coordinator. The costs are wrapped up in your wedding package. All you need to do is show up in your wedding dress.

6.Variety of Attractions

This tropical paradise is rich with activities, amusement and adventure. Things to do on the island include dolphin lookouts, humming bird watching, dives from the popular timber cove bridge, viewing spectacular sunsets, romantic strolls along the rocky shoreline, swimming and snorkeling. Tensing Pen holds a prominent place among the cliff hotels, a short walk from various locations and attractions.

7.Local and Organic Cuisine

Ensuring that your guests are eating well is important and Jamaica has some of the most fantastic flavors to try. Tantalize your taste buds with freshly caught fish, traditional jerk chicken or curry goat. Spice up your Big Day with a little spice in your meals. Tensing Pen is very flexible when it comes to forming the perfect menu for your big day. The chefs use local and organic ingredients to create a variety of dishes and craft meals to accommodate all guests with dietary restrictions.

8.Unique Resorts

There are many different types of resorts on the island: chain resorts, all-inclusive resorts and boutique resorts. Jamaica has any kind of experience you are looking for. If you are looking for a unique Jamaica experience, Tensing Pen is as close as you can get. With its variety of cottages, you can spend your stay looking out at the Sea or nestled in tropical foliage.

9.English Speaking Natives

The official language of Jamaica is English, so no need to worry about language barriers. You’ll notice locals will talk to each other in Patois or Creole, however, they will default to English when communicating with travelers. You won’t run into any obstacles while planning with wedding vendors.

10.Personal Wedding Planner

If you’re looking to get married in Jamaica, look no further that Tensing Pen. Our wedding coordinator is here to ensure that your wedding dreams become a reality. She can help you choose wedding décor, make reservations and decide on food and drink options. The resort will decorate the venue for you and tear it down when the celebration winds down. At Tensing Pen, destination weddings are simple.

Interested in Planning a Tensing Pen Wedding?

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