Off the Resort Negril Attractions

Negril is a small beach resort town located on the western tip of Jamaica, about 50 miles from Montego Bay. Negril is known for its sandy beaches, limestone cliffs and turquoise waters. The West End of Negril is also referred to as “the Cliffs” because of the area’s limestone outcroppings. Tensing Pen Resort holds a place of prominence among the cliff hotels, a short walk from various scenic locations and attractions. Here is a list of 10 things to do in Negril near Tensing Pen.

Jump from the cliffs at Rick’s Cafe

One of Jamaica’s famous hot spots is just a short walk from Tensing Pen Resort. Rick’s Cafe sits on top of a 35-foot high cliff and boasts it has an unrivaled view of the sunset. Watch some brave souls take a leap of faith from the cliffs, while professional divers jump in the Sea above the trees at 60-85 feet. Rick’s Café serves lunch, dinner and happy hour with a menu featuring Caribbean and international cuisine.

Experience the ocean on a glass-bottom boat ride
A glass-bottom boat snorkel trip is a classic Negril experience. The boat will take you around the reefs where you can peer down at marine life 20-feet below through the glass. Get wet and go snorkeling off the boat. Snorkeling around the cliffsides, you’ll find stunning rock formations and underwater caves, while the reefs inhabit marine life such as starfish, stingrays and colorful fish. One of the most popular boat tours in Negril is Famous Vincent Glass Bottom Boats. Snorkeling guides like Vincent are always floating around the shoreline. Find one you’re interested in and go on an ocean adventure.

See Negril’s natural beauty on horseback

Admire Jamaica’s beautiful landscapes and shore by horseback. Horseback riding tours will take you through white sandy beaches and lush trails where you can watch parrots in the trees. Ride through the ocean on a majestic horse and feel the water splash onto your feet. Many tours offer swimming on private beaches during the ride.

Zipline through the canopy

Clip in and glide through Negril’s lush foliage high up on a zipline. Once you’ve geared up in your helmet and harness, you can zip through the jungle hundreds of feet high above sea level. Land on various platforms with amazing views of the island before zipping down to the ground. Adults and children of all ages can enjoy sailing through the rainforest.

Shop for Souvenirs

Find interesting arts, crafts and trinkets at the local shops. The Time Square Mall offers Negril’s best selection of watches, jewelry and accessories. Find perfumes, books, cigars, coffee and clothes to bring home as the perfect gift. The Negril Crafts Market is a collection of shops selling crafts such as wood carvings, beds and jewelry. Expect to haggle with sellers and offer half the price you are quoted.

Learn how rum is made

Rum tours like the Appleton Estate Rum Factory Tour give you a real taste of old Jamaica. Tour the distillery and learn how sugarcane, molasses and sugar mix to create great wine and rum. You’ll not only learn how rum is made, but also taste the variety of blends ranging in taste and strength. After the tour at Appleton, you have the option to enjoy Jamaican lunch before returning to Tensing Pen with your bottle of fine rum.

Float the river

Jump into a tube and float down Jamaica’s Great River. Relax and lounge in the sun while you learn about Negril’s flora and fauna, and look for wildlife along the banks of the river. Lazily float through Negril’s jungle, then shoot through some quick rapids. Enjoy the bright sunshine as the river propels you downstream.

Catch the Big One

Looking to catch a fish to write home to about? Try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Tours like Stanley’s Deep-Sea Fishing will take you eight miles out into the Caribbean Sea. Try your luck at catching blue marlin, mahi mahi and tuna! Watch for whales and dolphins while you’re casting your line. Trips include all the fishing equipment and drinks on the boat. Peak seasons are the fall and winter months.

Enjoy the Negril nightlife

After a hot day on the beach, it’s great to tour the local watering holes. Take your pick of beach bars, sports cars, nightclubs, lounges and dive bars. Listen for nightlife venues blacking reggae music on Normal Manley Boulevard, the only major road in Negril. Drink some rum or Red Stripe on the beach at Bourbon Beach, or head to The Jungle, the most crowded and famous dance club in Negril. Whatever your preferences are, there is a nightlife option for you.

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