3 Travel Tips For Getting You Out of The Airport Faster

Written by Tensing Pen Staff

Sitting on the porch, watching the Caribbean Sea

Coming to Negril soon? Congratulations, you made a great destination choice! You’ll find in Jamaica something to make everyone happy, regardless of age, interests and taste. 
Use these 3 travel tips to get you out of the Montego Bay airport faster, and on your way to Tensing Pen.

1. If you’re traveling during very busy periods such as Christmas, New Year, annual festivals, and the high season between January and March, plan in advance and consider paying for Club MoBay on arrival. An agent meets you and your party outside the plane and walks you through dedicated immigration and customs lines. Go to www.vipattractions.com.
Hint: If you have a Priority Pass membership, it allows you to use Club Mobay for free on the departure, and take advantage of a faster dedicated security check line. Our front desk agents can also help you with the bookings.

2. Fill up your C5 customs/immigration form online a few days before arrival. Go to www.enterjamaica.com. When you disembark, let the airport agent know you already have your card filled electronically to go through the faster lanes (nothing is fast in Montego Bay Airport, but let’s just call it “less slow lane”, ok?) Remember to indicate your destination is “Tensing Pen Hotel, Negril, Westmoreland”

3. Never travel to Montego Bay airport on a Friday! Driving out of the airport and to your hotel takes twice as long as any other days. Although our trusted drivers know a few shortcuts along the road, it’s best to come in on a Sunday to avoid traffic jams. Also, flights that land before 12 PM tend to move out of the airport faster. When departing Jamaica, try to leave Tuesday or Wednesday, the airport is less busy then.

Bonus hint: Always book transportation with a JUTA licensed, bonded and insured driver ahead of time. Our front desk agents can arrange your transport to Tensing Pen safely and securely. Ideally it’s best to book your airport transport ahead of arrival through your hotel or villa host. Never ride with a driver that doesn’t show you a valid JUTA license. FYI: that’s common sense any where in the world, not just Jamaica!